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Introduction Video

Introduction to the RBmG.

Speed Loader Magazine

Shows how to change out the loader magazine to a pre-loaded one. When you run dry of ammo, you just pop in another magazine, connect the string to the motorized drum, and you're back in the action.

Debut of RBmG at Maker Faire in Colorado

The RBmG was first shown to the public on Saturday October 5,2013 at the NoCo Mini Maker Faire in Loveland, Colorado. It was a great show with makers, both private and vendors showing their stuff. Over 3000 people attended. The RBmG was well received by young and old alike.

RBmG Prototype

Prototype of the rubber band machine gun prior to KickStarter launch.

What Are People Saying About The RBmG? The RBmG brings a new level of firepower to living room warfare

Dude!!! I Want That... We present your favorite organization, binding, and sucker-snapping-in-the-back-of-the-head tool in fully automatic weapon form.

OH GIZMO! The RBmG Spells Office Mayhem!

HICONSUMPTION This thing blows any other rubber band gun out of the water.

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