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Acrylic Assembly Considerations

The steps for assembling a Fritz in acrylic are nearly the same as MDF. Just bear in mind the following when assembling acrylic parts.

1. Remove protective backing - Acrylic parts are shipped with a protective backing on them to prevent the surface from being scratched during shipping. You must peel off this backing before assembly.

2. Hot glue or Solvent - You can use hot glue to assemble like for MDF. We recommend that you use hot glue. It is simple, fast and strong. But if you prefer to not use hot glue, you must use acrylic solvent. You cannot use regular glues on acrylic to get reliable results. You must use a special fluid for bonding acrylic called acrylic solvent which is available at or plastics supply stores. There is a good video for how to use acrylic solvent at YouTube - How to glue Acrylic.

3. Use #2 nuts and bolts to mount micro (blue) servos - Holes for mounting the micro servo hardware are cut larger on acrylic than on MDF, so you cannot use the small screws that are included in the servo bags. The reason is that if you did use those screws, they would act like a wedge and crack or break the acrylic. For acrylic Fritzes, we have included a bag of #2-56 nuts, bolts and locking washers. Use these to mount the micro servos on acrylic.

Basic Fritz Assembly Considerations

The steps for assembling a Basic Fritz are simpler than an advanced Fritz. This means that may steps outlined in the video can be igored. Download a PDF that indicates which steps can be skipped if you are assembling a Basic Fritz.

General Assembly

Written instructions on how to put your Fritz together can be viewed here. We recommend, however, watching the following video instead as that allows you to visually see what parts are being discussed. Its best to watch a short sequence through, rewind and then follow each assembly step yourself. Keep in mind the orientation of parts does matter so ensure that your current assembly step appears the same as in the video before applying any glue.

Software Download & Install

Instructions on where to download the PC binary files for Fritz and the Sketch files for the Arduino can be found here. Once things are operational you can watch the video to gain a better understanding on how to use the application with Fritz.


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