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Files to run Fritz

Click to download (2Meg) all the files needed to run Fritz from the provided open source desktop application. Please follow the instructions here if you are installing this application for the first time. Note that this download also includes the Arduino files that you will need to upload to the Arduino in order for the desktop application to be able to work.

Files to create your own Fritz

Click to download (30Meg) all the files needed to create your own Fritz from scratch.

In addition to a laser cutting machine you will need access to a 3D printer to create some of the parts. Further, a couple custom wires will be needed to connect servos to necessary eye pieces. Finally, you'll need to order/purchase micro and regular servos, an Arduino UNO and Arduino PWM pin shield if you don't already have those.

Should you be missing or not have access to any of those individual parts you can also purchase them in our online store and create the rest yourself.

Please note that while we are releasing all the cut and design files for Fritz, we don't have any intent on providing detailed documentation around those. We expect that you already know how to use your own laser or 3D printer. If you don't know or have never heard of an STL or Corel Draw file you may want to think twice.

In terms of time commitment, we are unsure how long it takes to actually built a Fritz from scratch. The following is a rough estimate:

Thus, in an ideal world it should take about 8 hrs to get all the parts you need to start assembling Fritz (which takes about another 3 hrs) assuming you have immediate access to all needed machinery and nothing goes wrong (yea, right!). Good luck!

What Are People Saying About Fritz? Fritz .. achieves an excellent interpretation of human facial expressions using only 13 motions.

Engadget XYZbot's Fritz offers a cheaper robot head, free trips to the uncanny valley.

the Slanted Fritz is an amazing robotic puppet that needs your support, and your creativity

Fritz was also mentioned on The Huffington Post.

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